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St. Michael and the Fall Speaker

This week is the feast of Archangel Michael and the bodiless powers. We will be celebrating with a Divine Liturgy at 9:30 A.M on Saturday, November 8th.

Next week on Saturday November 15th we will be having a our Winter Retreat, Fire From Ashes.... and other struggles with Fr. Joseph Huneycutt from 10am to 3pm with a light lunch following . You may have heard of Fr. Hunneycutt from his blog Orthodixie or from Ancient faith radio.

 St. Nicholas Day: The next month we will be celebrating St Nicholas day in Sunday school on Dec. 7, the first Sunday in the month. We are planning to have a talent show followed by a visit by St. Nicholas himself and he will bring a toy for each child! We need to know if you child will be there so we can supply a gift for him or her. The talent show will be in the Nave so all can attend. So remind your kids to start practicing!


Mustard Seed Café

The Mustard Seed Café is what we call our Sunday school and it is held the first Sunday of every month.  Our theme this year is the Fruits of the Holy Spirit, starting with the Loving Lemon. 

Sunday school is for children 4 and up but we ask parent to accompany 4 year-olds.  We start right after communion and we will have a great lesson, snacks and games.  Everyone is welcome and feel free to bring your friends. 


St. John the Forerunner

 This week we commemorate the beheading the St. John be Baptist with Vespers (Aug 28th)) on Thursday with Great Vespers at 6:30 pm and the Divine Liturgy on Friday (Aug 29th).  The story of the beheading of St. John the Baptist is told in the Gospel of Mathew and details how St. John’s public criticism of King Herod’s marriage let to his martyrdom.  

Next to the Virgin Mary St. John the Forerunner is the most important Saint in the Church and when we observe his beheading we hold a solemn fast.   You can learn more about it
here or in this podcast here

Upcoming News
Mustard Seed Café

Fruit of the Spirit -The Loving Lemon
Begins September 7th
First Sunday of the Month- after communion

Movie Night
Popular movies from an Orthodox perspective. 
4-8pm Last Saturday of the Month
Begins September  27th
 With the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe 

Autumn Guest Speaker
Saturday November 22nd
Speaker Fr Joseph Honeycutt

Author of the Orthodixie Podcast



Dormition Feast

 This week we celebrate the Dormition or falling asleep of the Theotokos (the Virgin Mary) ending the two week Dormition Fast we have been observing.  We will celebrate this year with Great Vespers on Thursday (August 14) at 6:30pm and August 15th at 9:30am.  The icon of the Dormition show Christ holding the soul of Mary, just as Mary is normally shown holding the infant Christ. This great feast it is customary to have flowers and seeds are blessed on this day and everyone is encouraged have some blessed. 

This week is also the feast of St. Tikhon of Zadonsk, Wonderworker of All Russia, strict ascetic, full of love and compassion and dedicated to the teaching and reading of the New Testament. Read more about him here


  • Slavonic Divine Liturgy this Saturday at 10am.  
  • Adult Social and Farewell Dinner for Reader Steven, on Sunday Aug 17th at 6pm contact Anne VDB or Mat. Marcy for more information. 
  • Thursday Aug 21st  at 7pm we will be having a women’s Social and Mission project supporting “Trades of Hope” at Bistro 1501 on International Parkway in Lake Mary. 
  • We will Commemorate the beheading of St. John on Aug 29th

August and Transfiguration


This week we celebrate the Feast of the Transfiguration on Tuesday night with Great Vespers at 6:30pm and with the Divine Liturgy at on Wednesday (Aug, 6) at 9:30 AM.  As it is the tradition on this day we will bless a bowl of fruit, please bring in fruit to be blessed and to share. 

The Feast of the Transfiguration celebrates when Jesus when up on the Mount of the Tabor with three of his apostles, Peter, James and John and they saw Jesus shining as the sun and in white garments.  This story is told in three of the Canonical Gospels. Matthew 17:1-9, Mark 9:2-8, and Luke 9:28-36. 

You can learn more about the Feast of the Transfiguration here and in this week’s bulletin.

We also celebrate St. Herman of Alaska on Saturday.  St. Herman was a monk of great holiness who spread Christianity to the Aleuts of Alaska.  The Russian missions in Alaska in the Eighteenth Century are viewed as the first Orthodox missions in the New World.  St. Herman is still very beloved by the Alaskan natives who preserve a very loving living memory of him and his ministry to the Alaskan Natives.  While we are in the Domination Fast to celebrate this saint which is so important to us in the New World we celebrate with fish. 


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